Prepaid Legal Services

Legal Guard of America (LGA), has been providing individuals, families and small business owners with access to the nation’s largest proprietary network of plan attorneys. This network provides Legal Guard Members with FREE and DISCOUNTED legal care.

In recent years, Legal Guard created a suite of unique benefits to better meet the increased needs of its individual clients and their families. After years of communicating with its members, it became apparent that member’s legal needs were generally accompanied by other personal issues that required the services of a professional in a variety of fields. As such, Legal Guard created the Family Protection Plan (FPP).

The FPP, anchored by the Family Legal Plan, provides members with access to a nationwide network of professionals that have contracted to provide FREE and DISCOUNTED care in the following fields:

Legal Care
Tax Advice & Return Preparation
Identity Theft Restoration & Insurance
Financial Education & Credit Counseling
LifeEvents™ Counseling

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